Fighting Homelessness, 2-part series: Chicago considers tiny homes for affordable housing

CHICAGO -- By one estimate, more than 80,000 Chicagoans are struggling with homelessness. About 18,000 of them are Chicago Public School students.
Think about it--that would be the entire population of a city like Champaign.

There are many reasons why people end up living on the streets; job loss, illness, soaring rents, and falling income.

Housing advocates say it’s a growing problem, and agree that Chicago needs more affordable housing.

In a two-part Cover Story, WGN’s Gaynor Hall looks at homelessness from Chicago to Detroit. She traveled to the Motor City to see what Chicago might learn from a housing experiment with tiny homes to give some residents a path out of poverty.

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Producer Pam Grimes and Photojournalists Mike D'Angelo, Reed Nolan and Kevin Doellmann contributed to these reports.