Mother warns other parents after finding toddler tangled in window blinds

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA — A mother is warning other parents after finding her son tangled in cords from their window blinds.

27-year old parent blogger, Stevie Niki, first untangled her 18-month old son, Tayne.

She then recreated the scene and posted several picture on social media to show how she found her son with the cord wrapped around his neck.

Niki said she was just feet away and it happened in a matter of seconds.

She recommended to other parents that the cords along the bottom of the vertical blinds should be removed.

|| WARNING || I ummed and ahhhed whether to even post this because you know, another major mum fail this week that could have killed him (maybe its why i am such an emotional wreck this week) just another thing to criticize another mother, but maybe its more important than me and what you think.. maybe it might stop it from happening to someone else. Too big not to share? Earlier this week while i was folding the washing, he was playing next to the window, within my view, only 2 metres away (if that). Next thing i know, i hear him start to quietly cry my name "mamma" i looked up from the washing pile and see him caught in the cords, with them wrapped around his neck. I immediately jump up as fast as i can and untangle him. We often read and hear about how the the cords on our blinds (that pull them up and down) should be secured tightly to the frame work .. and mine are! With safety tags attached and all. But these cords along the bottom are clearly a major over sight (atleast they were to me) when it comes to the safety of our littles. I would never of given it a second thought if i had not seen what could have seriously hurt him, if i were not right there, with him. Please, check your vertical blinds if you have them on Windows, above floor length and little ones in your home. These photos were taken after what happened, before i removed the cords from our vertical blinds. To show how dangerous they are. I obviously didnt take these photos when he was tangled. That would be a rediculously irresponsible and dangerous thing to do. My children, their health and safety is always priority to me, not a post or a picture. Just a warning, be careful. He was totally fine just a little stuck, thank goodness.

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