From the fight to the opener, Sean Highkin talks Bulls on Sports Feed

CHICAGO - Even when they start to rebuild, even when the have a major roster upheival, even when development is the main goal instead of an NBA Championship, they still find a way to create some drama.

On Tuesday, the managed to do so in a most unique and somewhat frightening way.

Bobby Portis clocked Nikola Mirotic during practice, putting both of the players out for a significant period of time. Mirotic likely has to have surgery and we'll be out 4-to-6 weeks at the least while Portis got an eight-game suspension for his punch.

Oh, and the team is opening the season on Thursday against Toronto.

It made for a lot to talk about with Sean Highkin on Wednesday night's Sports Feed with Jarrett Payton. Watch the NBA Writer's discussion on CLTV in the video above or below.