Cubs fan on his epic home run catch: ‘It would have been a homer if I didn’t’

The Cubs fan who lit up Twitter Saturday night after he caught a home run ball says there’s no comparing him to Bartman.

“The difference between me and Bartman,’’ Sean Thompson told the Chicago Tribune, “is I caught the ball and we’re going to win the World Series.

Trib writer David Haugh caught up with Thompson shortly after he caught Anthony Rizzo’s home run ball – one handed no less. The play had to be reviewed for potential fan (Thompson) interference but was the home run ruling stood.

“As it was coming out to me, I was just trying to figure out whether it was going the fence or not and when I realized it was, I put out my hand and I caught it,’  Thompson told the Tribune. “I was 100 percent sure I didn’t lean over far enough to catch it and it would have been a homer if I didn’t.”

Thompson is from New Kent, Virginia.  Saturday night was his first game.