Trump cites ‘great job’ in helping Puerto Rico

BRANCHBURG, N.J. — President Donald Trump says his administration has “done a great job with the almost impossible situation in Puerto Rico” after Hurricane Maria struck the island.

He’s going after what he calls “politically motivated ingrates” and says “people are now starting to recognize the amazing work” by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the military.

The mayor of the island’s capital city has complained about a slow response to the disaster. And that’s led to some strong words back from the president.


12:30 a.m.

President Donald Trump is criticizing the media and praising his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria in a battered Puerto Rico.

This is after accusing the San Juan mayor of poor leadership and being unable to get workers to help the U.S. territory recover.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz is answering with her own tweets. She declined to engage in the tit for tat, but instead called for a united focus on the people who need help

Trump’s tweets were a biting attack on the leader of a community in crisis. After more than a week of desperation, many were still unable to access essentials including food and water