Flights resume in and out of Florida

Tonight, the first flights into and out of South Florida are in the air.

At  Chicago’s O’Hare, American flight 242 from Miami had many storm weary travelers aboard. It was one of the first out of the airport after a morning of canceled flights.

Paola Caicedo rode out Irma and is one of the lucky ones who never lost power.

“Everybody's without power right now,” he says.  “We were able to cook throughout the storm.  A lot of people don't have that.”

While Lestra Cole from Hammond arrived days late. She was in Brazil.

“I think we were all excited to be on a plane,” she says. “Happy to be back in Chicago. Going to go get my hair done from this weather but I'm glad to be home.”

And as many are getting out of Florida, some are heading there including Red Cross volunteers like Mike Landt from Schaumburg.

“They're in a tough situation,” he says. “They know they're not on their own and they know they'll get better.”