City briefly assumes Florida’s sunshine title

While Florida remains in the throes of peril from Hurricane Irma, the Chicago area has been graced by a sun-kissed weekend. The city recorded back-to-back days with 100 percent of possible sunshine for the first time since June 6-7. If Monday follows suit, it would be the city’s first three-day unlimited sunshine string since last Nov. 4-6. Chicagoans can expect just a minor encounter with Irma, as cloudiness from the storm’s remnants arrives by Tuesday night. While the vast majority of the dying storm’s rainfall will soak the Southeast, a few light showers or sprinkles could reach areas just south of Chicago.
A massive cleanup awaits Floridians as Irma departs the state Monday afternoon. The storm has ravaged the entire state with hurricane force winds, flooding rains, storm surges and tornadoes.