Decked out dogs strut their stuff at West Town Dog Parade

CHICAGO -- It was a celebration on four paws Saturday in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood.

With dogged determination and military-like precision, dozens of West Town's best citizen canines took to the street in celebration.

“It's a good community get together. It's nice to see everyone out with their dogs,” one of the parade-goers said.

This was the first time that panting pooches were able to walk with their owners on parade in the neighborhood. It was a one-mile journey down Chicago Avenue for man and woman's best friends.

“This is her first parade. And we made it a big, big deal. As you can see we decorated the cart and she has her nice blinged-out dress,” one dog’s owner said.

Almost all of the pups were in costume, from tiny Ivy in her diva outfit to super-sized Sampson dressed as Batman.

“He's definitely on the prowl right now making sure everything's all right,” Sampson’s owner said.

The parade was a bonafide bonanza of what's good in Chicago.

Two dogs were dressed as Oberweis ice cream.

“Just a Chicago icon. We were going through what we could do that would represent the city. We thought Oberweis dairy and the ice cream right here,” the owner said.

A refreshing treat during these dog days of summer.