Des Plaines River flooding and record crests

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Dear Tom,
We just experienced some record flooding on the Des Plaines River. Didn’t the previous record flood occur in 1986?
— Don Booty, Naperville
Dear Don,
The current flooding episode has established historic crests at three locations along the Des Plaines River — Russell Road, Gurnee and Lincolnshire — with the river rising to within a foot of its record flood stage at Des Plaines. Only the new 12.09-foot crest at Gurnee erases the Sept. 27, 1986, 11.95-foot crest. The newly dethroned crest at Russell Road was established in 2004 and Lincolnshire’s in 2013.
Back in late September 1986, severe flooding at Gurnee made village streets impassible with up to 6 feet of water, inundated more than 2,500 homes and forced police to patrol the flooded areas in boats after more than two weeks of heavy rainfall.