PHOTOS: Apple unveils new emojis on World Emoji Day

CHICAGO — Apple unveiled its new emojis on Monday, which also fell on World Emoji Day. Now users will be able to say a lot more with their emojis.

A dozen new characters were released Monday. They included options such as a sandwich, a coconut and a “mind-blown” face. There are also more inclusive emojis such as a breastfeeding mom and a woman wearing a headscarf.

More animals are joining the list of emojis including a T-Rex and a zebra. A genie and a zombie are also on the list.

The new emojis are coming to iOS, macOS and watchOS in September, when Apple usually debuts its next-generation software.

World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17, which happens to be the default date shown on Apple’s iCal icon.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg posted that the most used emoji on Facebook is the “tears of joy” face.