Lunchbreak: Halo halo, prepared by Isla Pilipina’s Sheila Segura and details about the Square Roots Festival

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Sheila Segura

Isla Pilipina
2501 W. Lawrence Avenue
(773) 271-2988

Square Roots Festival
July 7-9
Lincoln Square - Lincoln Avenue, between Montrose & Wilson Ave.

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Halo Halo

12 oz. cup or goblet
1 Tablespoon sweetened white beans
1 Tablespoon sweetened red mung beans
1 Tablespoon coconut gel
1 Tablespoon sugar palm fruit
1 Tablespoon coconut strings
1 Tablespoon jackfruit
1/2 cup evaporated milk
1 teaspoon white sugar
1 scoop ice cream

Optional ingredients:
cantaloupe, flan, plantains, roasted rice flakes, tapioca pearl.

Layer the white beans, red mung beans, coconut gel, sugar palm fruit, coconut strings, and jackfruit in bottom of cup. Fill cup to top with finely shaved ice. Add a teaspoon of white sugar (optional). Add one scoop of ice cream. Garnish with flan, coconut wafer stick, and maraschino cherry (optional). Mix thoroughly before eating.
All these ingredients can be found at most local grocery stores with Asian aisles, or Filipino markets.