Sunday Brunch: Sushi donut

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Sushi Rice recipe

Wash rice thoroughly, but handle gently to avoid damaging grains of rice.

Let the rice rest in the strainer for 30 minutes after wash.

The amount of rice and water should be the same. Cook rice according to the directions on the bag. (Almost all rice bags will have cooking instructions)

Add a little sake (Japanese wine), 1 to 2 Tbs for flavor.

Add one small piece of Kombu (kelp, about 1 inch x 1 inch). Put on top of rice after you wipe off surface lightly with a damp towel/paper towel. Do not take off the white surface.  Kombu/kelp helps to make rice shine and give more favor as well.

Leave the rice in the cooker with the lid closed for 10 minutes after it is done. This process makes the rice fluffy.

Sushi vinegar:

You need a) rice vinegar about  1 Tbs/15 mL for 1 cup of uncooked rice( little less than 1 cup)

b)  sugar about 0.4 oz/ 10g.

c)  salt 5 g

Put all ingredients into a pan on low heat. Let simmer till they have dissolved but do not let them boil.

Mixing rice and vinegar:

Put cooked rice into a bowl.

Pour vinegar mix all over rice. (make sure rice is still hot otherwise vinegar flavor does not go into rice).

Stir by making a cutting motion through the rice at a 45 degree angle in one direction, then the other.

Leave it there for a few minutes, then cover with little damp dish towel/paper towel to prevent the rice from drying out.

Here is how to make the sushi donut:

1. Start with a silicon donut mold

2. Put down the sashimi into the bottom of the mold, as well as any other toppings (avocado, fish egg, sesame seeds, etc.)  Limit it to softer ingredients that will take the shape of the mold easily.

3. Place sushi rice on top and pack down firmly, but without smashing the ingredients down.

4.  Wait a few minutes to let the "donut" hold together.

5. Flip donuts out of mold and enjoy!