Midday Fix: Fourth of July pet safety tips

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Dr. Jami-Lyn Derse

Veterinary Housecall Care
(847) 672-7737

Dangers of July 4th:
Glow jewelry ingestion, GI upset and possible surgical removal
Firework ingestion, heavy metal toxicity; burns and more serious wounds if detonated improperly
Dogs and cats running away from home due to fear/noise phobia

How to Avoid Firework Anxiety:
Sound machine, loud TV or radio
Lavender essential oil
Prescription medication
Anxiety wrap

BBQ/Party Safety:
Skewer ingestion and surgical removal
Alcohol poisoning
Citronella candle fire hazard, GI upset if ingested
Matches and lighter fluid fire hazard, toxic if ingested
Insect repellent can be an irritant, use veterinary approved products
Put lids on garbage cans

Summer Heat:
Allow access to fresh water at all times.
Hose down armpits and inner thighs.
Dogs can’t sweat, they pant. Don’t allow them to run around too much during mid-day heat.