Chicago woman’s mother dies from 140-degree Las Vegas heat

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LAS VEGAS - A 69-year-old with a connection to Chicago died last Monday due to extreme heat in Las Vegas.

Sandra Deanes was inside her town home, unaware her air conditioner was not working. Officials say the air temperature inside Deanes' home was 140 degrees when she was found.

"It was so hot in here. And that there was nothing but hot air coming out of her vents," the victim's daughter from Chicago Taron Walker said through tears.

Walker says her mother's cause of death was "hypertensive cardiovascular disease brought on by excessive environmental stress."

According to medical experts, it is not uncommon for individuals exposed to such excessive heat to be completely oblivious to the escalating temperatures, as the heat can cause extreme disorientation. Experts recommend checking in on the elderly when temperatures reach dangerous highs.

Deane was one of five people who died last week from the Vegas heat.