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Around Town visits Cycle X

1208 W Madison Street

Chicago, IL 60607


Anna Chipchase is the founder and co-owner (with her husband Nick) of Cycle X.

A native of Great Britain, Chipchase was an internationally ranked tennis star by the age of 10 and played for her college team in the United States. She'd dabbled in other fitness routines, but when it came time to lose weight for her wedding, she turned to cycling.

Anna loved cycling and with a back injury she found it to be compatible for her fitness routine.  During the 45-minute ride at Cycle X, clients can pedal to the beat of choreographed rhythm or enjoy some friendly competition with performance metrics that measure speed and power. The sensory indoor cycling theater was designed by illumination experts and the visual effects integrated into classes include an early morning sunrise, a Tabata ride with flame effects and holiday-themed scenes.

Complimentary, on-demand TRX strength training is also provided in this revolutionary upscale boutique.

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