Thunderstorm outlook shows highest probabilities south of Interstate-80 later this Saturday evening

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The National Storm Prediction Center 4-hour thunderstorm outlooks have the highest probabilities south of Interstate later this evening. The highlighted map indicates better than a 70% probability of a thunderstorm within 12 miles of a given location (dark-red-shaded area) between 7PM CDT and 11PM CDT well south of Interstate-80. The 40% to 60% probability area (light-blue-shaded) is a little north of Interstate-80 with the remainder of northeast Illinois in the 10 to 30% chance category (brown-shaded).

Below is the probability map for the later afternoon period 3PM CDT until 7PM CDT showing most of our area in the 10 to 30% probability of thunderstorms within 12 miles of a given location.