Eagle crashes into Gold Coast hotel, rescue caught on camera

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CHICAGO -- A surprise guest swooped into a Gold Coast hotel Monday night.

An eagle crashed into the glass facade of the hotel in front of the Sofitel at 20 E. Chestnut St, reported the Chicago Tribune.

Animal control officers were called and an onlooker captured video of the officer using a large white sheet to drape the bird and proceed to put it into a large net.

The eagle is expected to make a full recovery, said the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, a group that works to protect migratory birds injured while flying through the city.

Chicago Police Department and several onlookers called the group's 24-hour hotline at 773-988-1867 to report the injured eagle.

Annete Prince, director of the volunteer group, said she was "hopeful" the bird would be released back into the wild, reported the Tribune.