Season’s second 90 blows into town

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Strong south-southwest wind gusting as high as 46 mph at Midway Airport sent Saturday afternoon temperatures soaring to around 90, marking the start of an early-season hot spell that could put  five straight 90s in the record book by Wednesday. Should this occur, it will mark the city’s earliest 5-day or greater run of 90s in 40 years, since an unprecedented string of nine 90-degrees days spanning the May 16-24 period in 1977. Saturday’s official high of 90 at O’Hare was the second of the season following a 92-degree high last Sunday. The heat will temper a  bit later in the week as clouds and showers and thunderstorms move in as a cold front approaches from the Plains dropping high temperatures into the 80s. Despite the city’s very wet spring, the Chicago area is rapidly drying out, logging just .06 inches of rain since May 27.