Early season heat wave kicks off this weekend

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90 degree heat is no stranger to Chicago’s weather scene. After all, the city typically sees an average of 17-21 90-degree-plus days each year.

But, what sets this hot spell a part is its duration and early arrival. A string of at least four days of 90 degrees or higher has not occurred this early in the season since 1999 when 90s were logged June 8th thru 11th .

However, if current forecasts verify, a string of five days in the 90s would make this the longest early season hot spell in four decades—since a 9-day string May 16-24, 1977.

Record Highs
While no new record highs are anticipated, temperatures are expected to approach the old benchmarks on Monday and Tuesday.


Check the back seat
Keep pets safe during hot weather as temperatures inside the car can turn life threatening in a matter of minutes.