9 years in prison for man who used emojis to advise killers in Chicago woman’s murder

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Robert Justin Bibbs

CHICAGO — A U.S. judge sentenced an Illinois man to 9 years in prison for his part in a murder of a wealthy Chicago woman in Indonesia.

Robert Bibbs used text-message emojis to offer advice on how to kill the woman vacationing in Bali.

Government filings before Friday’s sentencing describe Bibbs’ texting “high-five” symbols from Chicago approving plans by his cousin and the cousin’s girlfriend to kill Sheila von Wiese-Mack at a Bali resort in 2014. They bludgeoned her to death with a fruit-stand handle and stuffed her body in a suitcase.

Heather Mack and boyfriend Tommy Schaefer are in an Indonesian prison for murdering Mack’s mother

Prosecutors wanted a sentence of nine to 11 years. They say Bibbs offered advice on killing the mother of his cousin’s girlfriend for an inheritance cut.

The cousin, Tommy Schaefer, is serving 18 years in Indonesia. Heather Mack is serving 10. Defense attorneys say Bibbs had a lesser role and shouldn’t receive a similar sentence.