Texas teacher names 7th grade student ‘Most Likely to become a Terrorist’

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HOUSTON, Texas -- A mother in Texas is furious after a teacher named her daughter "Most Likely to Become A Terrorist" in class.

7th grader Lizeth Villanueva was given that title in what school officials said was a "Fake Mock Awards" led by the teacher.

Lizeth has been in her schools academic honors program for two years and has never had any disciplinary issues, reported The Washington Post. 

Lizeth's mother demanded a meeting with the principals, saying the teacher should have known better.

"A terrorist is a really big thing, just what happened a day ago with Ariana Grande and they're joking around with this...that's not something to joke about," said Lizeth.

Lizeth, who is Salvadoran American, didn't find the "joke" funny and was in shock, reported the Post.

The district sent a statement apologizing for the "insensitive and offensive mock awards" and said "these awards are not representative of the district's vision."

They added that the teachers involved in the matter have been disciplined according to district policy they are continuing to investigate the incident.