Report details half dozen DCFS investigations into Joliet girl’s home, family

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WGN Investigates received the results of a Department of Children and Family Services review into the death of a Joliet toddler hours after a case worker visited the home.

17-month-old Semaj Crosby was first reported missing then found dead inside her family's home in April.

DCFS has come under fire for not removing Semaj or her siblings sooner.

The case review says Semaj and other occupants of the home had been the subject of at least a half dozen DCFS investigations after reports including drug abuse to corporal punishment and care.  Some of the complaints were deemed unfounded.

Hours before the toddler went missing, a DCFS case worker reported, “Dirty furniture, walls, carpeting and clothing on bedroom and bathroom floors, but no immediate safety concerns were noted.  The family was reported to be leaving to get ice cream.”

The review describes poor communication between DCFS and other agencies involved in protecting children.

You can read the full report here (pdf).