10-year-old cancer survivor rides ‘The Joker’ with Marcus Leshock

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GURNEE, Ill. -- WGN's Marcus Leshock had the opportunity to test out a new ride with a 10 year-old who's braved the scariest of roll coasters as well as cancer.

Brandon Otte, from Shorewood, Illinois, is in remission after being diagnosed with Langerhand cell histicytosis (LCH), a rare form of cancer, and having a brain tumor removed just last year.

Marcus had the opportunity to accompany him on his first ever "Raging Bull" ride in the middle of his battle last year. This was his first ride on "Raging Bull," but this 10 year-old is no slouch when it comes to roller coasters.

Brandon has traveled the country testing out the best rides. He has ridden around 200 rides and was excited to add the newest Six Flag's coaster to his list.

It's fitting that their latest adventure is on the Six Flags Great America ride, "The Joker." The two were all laughs and smiles in celebration of the new ride and Brandon's remission.