Chicago City Council takes up airport security ordinance

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CHICAGO -- The Council took up various issues today including questions about the city’s airport security force.

The Chicago City Council approved more lenient rules for potential gun ranges in Chicago Wednesday.  They also addressed  questions about the city’s airport security force.

Today’s action was in response to the United incident in April when Dr. David Dao was dragged off an overbooked flight. Aldermen want to make sure that that does not happen again.

The ordinance states no employee of the city shall aid airline personal in the removal of a passenger from an airplane unless a crime was committed, or in the case of a medical emergency.

“No city employee can go on the plane, including an aviation police officer or a Chicago police officer can go on a plane, and do the airlines dirty work,” Alderman Ed Burke said.

The ordinance states that no employee of the city shall aid in a passenger’s removal unless a crime was committed, or in the case of a medical emergency.

The council also moved to end ‘round the clock valet service at certain downtown establishments.  Aldermen say some valets are breaking the law.

“Parkers (are) driving without a valid driver’s license, no insurance,” said Alderman Brendan Reilly.  “In many cases they don’t have a lease with an off street garage operator or parking lot, so we don’t have them clogging up parking spaces and lanes of traffics. The worst operators tend to be the one that operate after the business they serve closes.”

Aldermen are also going after massage parlors that offer more than backrub. The council approved fines and stricter regulations.

“They’re going far beyond the realm of a massage professional – cases of prostitution, cases of human trafficking,” said Alderman Matt O’Shea.

Mayor Emanuel watched over council proceedings with his mind on Springfield as the legislative sessions wraps up without a budget deal.

“ There hasn’t been a budget proposed by the governor is over 640 plus days. It’s unacceptable,” he said.

Gov Rauner is still tying his reforms to a budget deal. CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson is headed to Springfield tomorrow as lawmakers consider gun legislation.