69-year-old man fights off juvenile carjackers on Southwest Side

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CHICAGO — A 69-year-old man fought off three juvenile offenders in an attempted carjacking in the 2900 block of West 59th Street.

The incident occurred at about 11:42 p.m. Tuesday night, when the offenders approached the man, who was seated in his parked car with a window down. One of the offenders was armed with a handgun.

The armed offender stuck his hand through the car window and struck the victim in the face. He then pulled the man out of the vehicle and announced that he was going to be robbed.

When the offenders broke into the victim’s car, the man pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the armed offender in the back.

All of the offenders then fled the scene on foot, taking the man’s keys.

The victim sustained a laceration above his left eye. He was taken to Holy Cross Hospital.

Responding officers found the three offenders, who had also gone to Holy Cross to seek treatment for the injured suspect. The injured suspect was then transported to Mt. Sinai Hospital in good condition for treatment of a stab wound to his torso.

The other offenders were taken into custody, charges pending.

Police are still investigating. Check back for updates.