Your Money Matters: Warm weather and dress code disasters

Philippe Weiss

Seyfarth Shaw
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What are examples of some simple strategies to manage workplace attire issues?

  •       Prep with a (Summer) Policy: Consider developing and distributing a specific Summer Dress Code policy - before facing the heat. Include clothing examples.
  •      Clearly Communicate Your Clothing Rules - with acceptable apparel examples  (and have trained "Dress-Code Designees" who can verbally describe your company's “Dress-pectations”).
  • Beware the “BAN:” Completely banning of certain clothing, jewelry or markings (such as tattoos and even piercings) might create problems due to religious requirements/practices.
  • Start Slow – if this is your first time using a summer dress code, think about starting with a floating casual day, to get people used to the new rules.

What are some dress code tips for summer interns and those newly hired, before the start?

  • Check out Both the Policy and the People:

See how boss and others of authority you look up to dress, especially in summer and on casual days

  •       Creatively and Cost-Effectively Dress for Success:

Look for inexpensive ways to jump-start a summer business wardrobe (e.g. “Cover with a Low Cost Cardigan.”) Many great CEO’s tell us they originally started shopping for work clothes at charity stores and discount outlets.