Chicago woman takes on NASA and wins, now selling awarded moon dust for $4 million

It was one of the biggest moments in history; the Apollo 11 mission of 1969 brought man to the moon. There were also a few things that came back with the astronauts.

While there, Neil Armstrong collected some moon dust and placed it in a bag. Turns out NASA forgot about the bag over time and accidentally auctioned it off with other space related objects for a little less than a thousand dollars.

Nancy Lee Carlson, a Chicago area attorney, bought the bag at an auction. She was certain there was real moon dust inside, so after she bought it for just over $900, she sent it back to NASA for testing.

The lunar sample return bag containing moon dust being auctioned for 4 million dollars.

NASA confirmed it was real moon dust and refused to give it back, saying they made a mistake.

Carlson went to court over the matter and won. And now she is auctioning off the moon dust, where it's expected to bring in about $4 million.

Carlson says she'll donate some of the money to scientific research.