Theo Epstein not buying Cubs panic

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CHICAGO - Three World Series titles and two broken curses later, it's hard to question anything Theo Epstein says or does.

Some fans faith is waning, though, after a less than stellar 18-19 start.

There's even been a fair amount of nitpicking over last year's World Series savior Kyle Schwarber, who some believe should be moved out of the lead off spot and maybe even down to Triple A Iowa.

"If anyone wants to sell their Kyle Schwarber stock, we're buying."

One thing Epstein's not buying is the panic that's started to set in on the north side.

"It's really hard for human beings to process a 162-game season and see it in its entirety, see it from 10,000 feet, see it in perspective,"noted Epstein. "Right around this time last year, we were 25-6 and I was getting asked non-sarcastic questions about how are we going to manage the push for the greatest record of all-time versus resting our guys for the playoffs. I called B.S. on that and now I'm getting asked about if we're going to send everyday guys down to Triple A and are we going to - not by you guys, but I was asked by someone else - consider selling and things like that. I call B.S. on that too."

"I don't want to sound like I'm blind to what's going on or sort of overly faithful in certain guys, but we make our evaluations. You continue to keep your eyes open and make adjustments on individuals and on teams, but you also have to trust what you believe about players, what you see and understand that the season's 162 games for a reason."