Panel of terrorism experts shy away from Trump-Russia topic

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CHICAGO --  The country's Secretary of Homeland Security and former CIA and NSA director were at the University of Chicago today.

John Kelly and General Michael Hayden were in town to talk about terrorism, but there was one big topic they did not touch.

The panelist focused on changing trends in the terrorism and touched on the past and the future.

The present state of affairs that has the nation’s attention however was not brought up by the moderator, specifically reports President Trump revealed classified intelligence about a threat from ISIS to Russian diplomats last week in the oval office possibly compromising the source of that information.  The Trump administration said the conversation was wholly appropriate information sharing.

Instead Kelly focused on the DHS role in combating terrorism including taking comfort in the fact the recent cyber-attack that impacted hundreds of countries infected did not have a huge impact in the us.  He also spoke about President Trump’s proposed travel ban that first included seven mostly Muslim countries.