David Letterman partners up with group providing medical tech to veterans

INDIANAPOLIS -- A Friday of interviews at the motor speedway led to a chance encounter with David Letterman.

WGN's Dean Richards was waiting for the elevator on his way out of the speedway when the doors opened to Letterman.

The late night legend has retired from hosting but traveled to Indy for a press conference with his racing team, Rahal-Letterman-Lannigan, and their new partnership with a group called "Soldier Strong."

The group provides medical technology to disabled and paraplegic veterans and has recently teamed up with the racing team. Letterman spoke about the partnership with his team and why this cause is so important to him.

"A few years ago I was in Washington and went to Walter Reed and some men and women who had just returned from hospitalization taken out of the field to Germany and then brought back to Walter Reed for Treatment. Multiple limbs were missing, sometimes all four limbs were missing. That stays with you."

For more information on "Soldier Strong" visit www.soldierstrong.org or www.turnfortroops.org