Man wounded in attempted carjacking

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CHICAGO-- The rash of carjackings continue across Chicagoland, with the latest happening overnight, leaving one victim to be hospitalized with a gunshot wound.

A bullet hole through the windshield of a bright blue charger, tells part of what happened during an attempted carjacking overnight.

Police say it started at Halsted and Fulton, around 12:40 a.m.

The driver of the Charger was approached by a man with a gun, who hopped out of a black SUV.

To the thief’s surprise, his 47 year-old victim was licensed to carry, and brandished his own gun.

The carjacker backed-off, and took- off in that black SUV.

But the victim, was determined to get the license plate of that would-be carjacker so he followed the black SUV-- only to have the failed carjacker, open fire on him.

One of those bullets pierced the victim in the hand.

West Loop resident Nick Ranalli said “The violence going along with the carjackings is crazy. Makes no sense. I feel badly somebody was hurt and it’s sad that crime’s going in this neighborhood more."

Police found evidence of the wild scene about three blocks away, at Halsted and Hubbard.

This is one of a string of carjackings picking up steam in the last month.

Just this week alone— another driver with a concealed carry license, shot one of his would- be carjackers in the groin, at 62nd and Homan.

The two were soon arrested at this auto shop.

Two elderly women were also robbed of their vehicles and purses near 93rd and Ashland.

On Thursday night, a white Maserati belonging to Bears wide receiver, Kevin White was stolen in a “bump and run” style carjacking, when his girlfriend was behind the wheel.

It’s called “bump and run” and Chicago police say there have been several instances of it within the past month.

That vehicle was recovered yesterday in north Lawndale, near west 16th street and Hamlin.