Hundreds volunteer to “Feed My Starving Children”

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SCHAUMBURG, Ill.-- Early on a Saturday morning when most are sleeping in, the first shift of more than 100 volunteers is arriving at the "Feed My Starving Children " packing facility in Schaumburg.

“Feed my starving children" is a Christian non-profit that's fighting world hunger.

Marilyn Maurella, Feed My Starving Children "I have children, you have children its geographic roulette it’s where they are born in a country that is so incredibly corrupt or just without natural resources."

Volunteers pack, what are called mannapacks, each one contains: a protein mixture, dried vegetables, soy and rice. One pouch contains 6 meals. Volunteers form an assembly line scooping, pouring and sealing.

One of today's youngest volunteers, 8-year-old Elsa Torres who says she gets up early because she wants to make a difference.

Elsa Torres "It’s important to let all the kids eat so they can grow strong and healthy and so if they want to be a doctor when they grow up they can be a doctor and if they want to be a scientist when they grow-up they can be a scientist."

Feed my starving children serves more than 70 countries and provided 284 million meals last year. The biggest needs right now are in Haiti, the Sudan and Iraq. Feeding refugees around the world is also a growing need...according to the United Nations there are more refugees now than in any other time in history-- estimated at 65 million worldwide.

Marilyn Maurella "As long as breath in our lungs and as long as we have volunteers like this that will help us get these kids fed and donors that will help us fund these meals they are only $.22 each we will continue the fight against world hunger."

World hunger is a serious topic, but the atmosphere while packing is upbeat, with music and laughter...and when the job is finished volunteers pray over the shipment.

Tom George, Volunteer “This organization is so humble, its humble and frugal and fun which is a great combination so they take every dollar and really, really stretch it to make sure that every penny can get into that food."

Volunteers are needed especially in the summer time there is of course the Schaumburg location there's also one in Libertyville and aurora they pack 6 days a week 5 times a day.

Feed My Starving Children welcomes volunteers of all ages. Children as young as five can volunteer.