Jimmy Kimmel slams critics over healthcare plea

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LOS ANGELES — Jimmy Kimmel zinged his critics as he returned to late-night TV, arguing again that all Americans deserve the level of health care given his infant son.

Back on the air Monday after a week’s absence, Kimmel said his son, Billy, is recovering well from open-heart surgery for a congenital disorder.

Then the ABC host issued a mock apology for what he called an “insensitive” and “offensive” call that all American families have medical coverage, whatever their income.

Kimmel poked fun at those who had called him an elitist and unfunny in his monologue last week, then discussed the issue with a GOP politician.

In a satellite interview with U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy, Kimmel asked the Republican from Louisiana about uninsured workers and protection of children under a revised health care law.