What was the weather like on May 11, 1991?

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Dear Tom,

With the cool start to this May, I was thinking about my wedding day, May 11, 1991. I remember it as much warmer and more humid than what we have seen lately. Details?

Liz G.

Dear Liz,

May 1991 was indeed, a very warm month. With an average temperature of 65.6 degrees, it shares the rank of the city’s six warmest with May 1896 and 2012. The month opened on the cool side with highs mainly in the 50s and 60s during the first week that included a very chilly May 6 when the mercury peaked at just 48 degrees. Warm weather set in on May 9-10 with back-to back highs of 76 and 78 that set the stage for a six-day run of 80s that included a steamy high of 85 on your wedding day, followed by an 89 on May 13. The month ended up with 16 days of 80-degrees or higher that included the month’s lone 90, a high of 91 degrees on May 28.