Update: Diminishing Northwest-southeast oriented band of showers/thunderstorms bisects the Chicago area

Skilling: Sunny tomorrow, thunderstorms likely Wednesday

Update 7:30AM CDT…

The main core of thunderstorms has moved off to the southeast into Indiana with just a light band of showers remaining west and north of Chicago. All activity is moving southeast with the showers expected to diminish and gradually end from the north by mid-to-late morning (see regional weather radar mosaic below). Breaks in the clouds with occasional sun are expected this afternoon.


Update 11PMCDT…

Narrow bands of showers/thunderstorms developing back to the west of the original band which has since weakened and spread out somewhat. Southeastward-moving showers/thunderstorms should occur overnight across northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin into northwest Indiana.


A narrow band of showers and thunderstorms has formed-up just north of a warm front positioned just to the west and south of Chicago. Showers/thunderstorms within the band are moving southeast, and since the band is nearly stationary, the individual storms may continually pass over approximately the same general area, eventually causing 1 to 2-inch rainfall totals in affected locations. This could lead to localized flooding problems as the night progresses.

Central Great Lakes sector loop