Will County judge asks to hear every complaint filed with DCFS

Semaj Crosby

WILL COUNTY, Ill. — A Will County judge wants to hear every single complaint filed with DCFS.

Last month’s death of 16-month-old Semaj Crosby in Joliet Township happened shortly after a child-welfare investigator visited Semaj’s home, found it to be extraordinarily dirty, and did nothing about it.

DCFS says dirt doesn’t equal neglect, and doesn’t automatically justify removing a child from a home.

The house has since been condemned.

Judge Paula Gomora asks, “If this case is out there, what else is out there?”

The head of Illinois DCFS, George Sheldon, is promising a full review.

Separately, the Chicago Tribune reports, Sheldon may quit and take a job at a non-profit in Florida.

Under Sheldon’s two-year watch, DCFS has faced several ethics investigations about favoritism in contracts and hiring.