Update: Rains south of Interstate-80 expected to slowly diminish and shift east overnight

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Update 3PM CDT: 

Rainfall appears to be very slowly weakening and shifting east. While rain will continue into the overnight hours, it is not expected to impact runoff into rivers and streams to any extent. As a result the Flood watch for Iroquois, Ford, Jasper, Benton and Newton Counties has been dsicontinued.


There looks to be a sharp cut-off in rain along the Interstate-80 corridor today and tonight with 1 to 2-inches falling south of Interstate-80 and very little to the north. A Flood Watch is in effect through Friday afternoon for Ford and Iroquois Counties in Illinois and Jasper, Benton and Newton Counties in Indiana, as well as points farther south in central and southern portions of Illinois and Indiana where saturated soils from earlier rains will cause almost instant runoff into rivers and streams, creating additional flooding as well as extending flooding of some rivers well into next week. Check the regional weather radar mosaic below that shows the northernmost progress of the rain shield.

The center of the extensive low pressure system will move northeast up the Ohio River Valley during the next 24 to 36 hours, passing well to our south with system rain ending from west to east during the day Friday.

Current Regional Weather Radar Mosaic…

Central Great Lakes sector loop