Actors flip Chicago homes to help communities thrive

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CHICAGO --    Two Hollywood actors concerned over Chicago’s growing crime and housing crisis – are using their passion for real estate to help flip the lives of residents on the city’s south side.

Colin Egglesfiled grew up in Crete, Illinois. He and San Diego native Tyler Neitzel are the co-founders of Stage 2 Properties. Their mission is to take empty homes on the South Side of Chicago and bring them back to life.

The two work with Bill Ashcraft, the owner of Building Management Consulting,  a company that offers second chances to those who need it the most.

Stage 2 Properties is a for-profit company, so they are making money. But they price their houses about five percent below comparable sales.

The mission is always the same - to put locals to work restoring the home, then selling it to locals at an affordable price. They hope to take things a step further with real estate investment teachings.

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