WGN reporter first to ride new roller coaster at Santa’s Village

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DUNDEE, Ill. -- WGN's Marcus Leshock explored the country right in our own backyard again Wednesday.

He headed out to Santa's Village, where they are opening their biggest attraction yet.

It has been six years since Santa's Village reopened its doors. Visiting the park is a Chicago tradition that dates back to 1959.

Now, it is home to the 35-ft tall Super Cyclone. The roller coaster's parts are imported from Europe, but Santa's Village workers assembled it, with assistance from Italian technicians.

Marcus had the pleasure of being the ride's first passenger.

In addition to building the new attraction, the park has grown substantially since its opening.

"We started with a couple animals, and now we have 21 mechanical rides and 100 animals," owner and operations manager Jason Sierpen said.

Sierpen also added that he and his team want to keep more traditional rides for their visitors, like the Fire Truck ride around the park.

"We still want to keep that niche focus on small families," he said.

Either way the park is great for children and for adults who don't quite feel like growing up yet.

Santa's Village Azoosment Park is located at 601 Dundee Ave., East Dundee, Ill. You can get more details by calling 847-426-6751 or by visiting santasvillagedundee.com

Super Cyclone opens May 13!