Why would you buy a house in Detroit for $500? Author Drew Philp explains

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Drew Philp has turned his purchase of a rundown home in Detroit into a metaphor for rebirth and the future of the American city.

His moving memoir, A $500 House in Detroit, emerged after an essay on Buzzfeed received about 2 million views.

The Detroit native also hitchhiked across the U.S., taught writing, literature and theater in prisons, and rebuilt a house with his own two hands.

Philp joined WGN Morning News to talk about his endeavors. He says his inspiration comes from the people he knows and loves in Detroit.

"There's a radical neighborliness [in Detroit]. People say 'hi.' They mow each other's lawns. They help each other," Drew said.

Philp will be at Anderson's Bookstore in LaGrange after 7 p.m. Wednesday for book signings.