Have we ever gone through an April without a freezing temperature?

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Dear Tom,
Have we ever gone through an April without a freezing temperature?

Rich Kruse

Dear Rich,
We have, but it’s quite rare. Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski scanned the record books and found that since 1871 there have been just seven Aprils where the temperature did not drop to 32 degrees, the last one occurring in 1955. Wachowski noted that the city’s earliest last freeze was in 1925 when the mercury dropped to 28 degrees on March 19 and the latest was a low of 32 on May 25, 1992. Typically, the city’s last freeze occurs about April 21, but this spring the city has not recorded a 32-degree or lower temperature since a low of 29 on March 23. While it’s certainly still possible to have a freeze this spring, if the March 23 event turns out to be the season’s last, it will tie 1871 for the city’s second earliest on record.