Midday Fix: Exercises for TV watchers

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Amber Dawn Ellis, studio manager Pilates ProWorks Chicago West Loop

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Place feet on couch, hands on floor in a decline plank position. Inhale, keeping heels high, bend knees and send hips back over heels to load shoulders, then straighten legs to plank position and lower to a push-up. Muscles targeted: shoulders, chest, triceps, core, quads.

Tricep dips:
Place hands on couch, feet on floor in incline plank position. Take two small steps backward so arms are extended towards couch at 45 degrees. Keeping core engaged to protect lower back, inhale and lower forearms to couch. Exhale press arms back to straightened position, squeezing triceps. Muscles targeted: triceps, shoulders, core, back.

Lie on back, feet hip width apart on couch, knees bent at 90 degrees. Exhale lift into a bridge, extend right leg to ceiling. Inhale lower hips to floor, exhale lift back into single leg bridge. Repeat on both sides. Muscles targeted: hamstrings, glutes, obliques, back.

Teaser twist:
From a seated position, lift the legs to tabletop position and hinge back at the waist until torso is at a 45 degrees angle to the hips. Keeping back straight and toes lifted off floor, clasp hands in front of chest and twist shoulders from left to right, squeezing obliques as you twist. Muscles targeted: back, abs, obliques

Stand in front of your couch, feet hip width apart. Step your right leg back onto couch, hips squared, shoulders over hips. Inhale, bending left knee to 90 degrees, exhale drive through the heel of your left leg to stand. Repeat on both sides. Muscles targeted: glutes, quads, obliques, postural muscles.