What was Chicago’s biggest late-season snowstorm?

Dear Tom,
What was Chicago’s biggest late-season snowstorm?
— Peter Koss
Dear Peter,
The city has been hit by several significant late-season snowstorms. While the snow totals were not that impressive, the 2.2-inch snowfall May 1-2, 1940, is the city’s latest significant snowfall on record, with amounts as high as 5 inches in the northwest suburbs.

Citing storms with larger snow totals, the city was hit with a 6.8-inch snowfall April 15-17, 1961, 9.8 inches April 2-3, 1975, and 10.7 inches April 1-2, 1970. Another huge storm, the city’s sixth-largest on record, buried the city with 19.2 inches March 25-26, 1930. In the short term, late-season snowstorms tend to be paralyzing, accompanied by wind-driven, heavy, wet snow and thunder and lightning, but the effects are short-lived as the snow quickly melts.