#FeedonThis: The Attack of the Coffee Cup

CHICAGO - It came out of nowhere, unbeknownst to the Sports Feed anchor who was finishing up Social Fodder.

But suddenly, Jarrett Payton found himself face-to-face with a rogue cup of coffee.

Josh Frydman tried to come to the rescue, but this container of java wasn't going to let anything stop it.

This fun moment was part of #FeedonThis from Tuesday's show by clicking on the video above.

On a more serious note, Josh and Jarrett also discussed controversy surrounding insensitive comments made by Blackhawks forward Artemi Panarin on a Russian TV show back in 2012.

It triggered an apology from Panarin and the Blackhawks while also trigger a debate on the comments.

To watch the discussion on Tuesday's Sports Feed, click on the video above or below.