Chicago area’s March 20, 1983 snowstorm

Dear Tom,
We had just moved to a new home in Harwood Heights in late February 1983, and I remember a big snowstorm March 20 of that year. Could you elaborate?
— Dick Scholl, Oak Creek, Wis.

Dear Dick,

Through mid-March, the winter of 1982-83 had produced sub-par snowfall. Though there was nothing like this winter’s almost total lack of snow since mid-December, through March 19 that winter had produced 18.4 inches of snow, identical to this winter’s total. March had opened on a very mild note, with four consecutive days in the 70s March 3-6, followed by cooler weather with temperatures clustering in the 40s through the middle of the month.

Coinciding with the first day of spring, the city was hit by a major snowstorm. While certainly far from the “Storm of the Century,” more than 6 inches of snow fell at O’Hare International Airport while Midway logged 8.5 inches.