Lunchbreak: Beef barbacoa, prepared by Holy Taco! chef Daniel Espinoza

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Chef Daniel Espinoza

Holy Taco!
953 W. Webster
(773) 857-0844

Sincronizada de Barbacoa

2 oz of fresh masa (ground hominy) or you can use maseca
1 oz of chihuahua cheese
1/4 oz of sour cream
1/4 oz of salsa verde
1/4 oz of salsa roja
1/2 oz of cooked ready to eat barbacoa or your favorite filling

In a medium heat pan or flat top, place your two portioned and pressed fresh corn tortilla, cook for about 20 seconds and flip on to the other side. Once flipped, add you queso chihuahua and your barbacoa, take the other tortilla and sandwich it together. Add your sour cream, salsa verde, and salsa roja. Once the cheese is nicely melted, and it’s oozing, it’s definitely ready to eat.

Beef Barbacoa

10 lb beef brisket
5 oz Kosher salt
2 whole avocado leaves
2 whole bay leaves
2 whole spanish onions, cut in half
1 Tbs ground cumin
10 whole guajillo
15 whole allspice cloves
10 whole spanish onions, julienned, added to barbacoa after it is cooked
1 gal water

Cut brisket into 2 inch cubes, sear at high heat until golden brown, add onion with your spices and chiles and blend with water in a blender and then add to a large pot/dutch oven pan with the meat and avocado and bay leaves and braise at 350 for 2-3 hrs. Add Spanish onions, julienned to the braised barbacoa after it is cooked.