Chicago police discuss overnight raids, 81 arrested

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CHICAGO -- The Chicago Police made 81 arrests in overnight raids in a second of a series of operations.

There were 122 targets in this planned operation, Supt. Eddie Johnson and Chief Tony Riccio said at a press conference on Friday. They continue to locate and arrest about 40 others. There will be more raids in the coming weeks.

12 guns were pulled off the streets last night. One of the guns was a machine gun, capable of firing 40 or 50 rounds in a matter of seconds, said Chief Tony Riccio.

The locations of the raids were driven by known violence in those areas.

The investigation began with an initial 50 or 60 targets but during the course of the investigation, through information gathered from many of those arrested, it snowballed to 122 targets.

The raid had been in the works for about three weeks. Of the 81 in custody, 79 are facing felony charges, many for the distribution of narcotics as well as weapon violations.

In response to questions about comments made by President Trump on Chicago's violence, Superintendent Johnson said, "we haven't been sitting around for months and years just waiting on someone else to help us, we work everyday as hard as we can to reduce the gun violence in this city."

Chief Riccio said this operation was strictly a CPD operation, but the first operation had some federal assistance and there will be more federal assistance in the upcoming weeks.

Johnson said that they will embrace federal assistance when they get it, but in the mean time, the crime in Chicago wont wait for others to come help so they will be doing what they can now to try and resolve the issue.

Johnson went on to say that CPD, the judicial system, and lawmakers can all "do better," but had pointed words for the latter two.

"We need the judicial system and our legislators to help us with this...we are almost double in gun arrests than we were this time last year..this is ridiculous," he said.

Johnson said that Cook county doesn't do a good job of holding repeat gun offenders accountable for their actions and pleaded with legislators to do their part.

"We haven’t created culture of accountability in this city, CPD will keep doing its part," he said.