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Has it ever hit 70 degrees in February, I can’t recall one?

Dear Tom,
Has it ever hit 70 degrees in February, I can’t recall one?  
Paul Crimo, Highwood
Dear Paul,
It has, but it is extremely rare. Since 1871, Chicago has logged a 70-degree temperature in February only four times: The month’s record high of 75 on February 27, 1976, a 70 on February 11. 1999, 72 on February 25, 2000, and just yesterday, 70 on February 18, 2017. Typically the city does not record its first 70-degree day until the end of March. Last year the first official 70-degree day occurred on  March 8. The city has recorded a 70-degree temperature in every month of the year except January, which sports a record high of just 67 degrees. December 70s are also rare, with just three on the books, so the entire December-February meteorological winter period has produced a grand total of just seven 70-degree days.