Chicagoans flock outside to enjoy record-warm weather – while it lasts

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CHICAGO -- Temperatures hit over 70° in Chicago Saturday according to the National Weather Service, and that's only happened three other times since the year 1871, when official record keeping started.

With several consecutive days of temps in the 60's, this will also mark the warmest week in February on the books.

It's been so warm this month the shoreline sightseeing company at Navy Pier started offering its architectural boat tours of the city about a month early.

It's just one sign of the unseasonably warm weather in the Chicago area.

The 606 elevated trail was packed with bikers, runners, and some just taking a nice stroll. Six-year-old Eli Greer and his dad Luke got to get out and enjoy a scooter ride on the 606.

"We didn't plan this at all, we decided to start on the far end of the 606, go all the way, and come all the way back," Luke Greer said.

In Lincoln Park, a rare sight: tulips in February, displayed outdoors at a new leaf floral shop.

Students from Moody Bible College took the opportunity to do their homework outside by the lakefront.They're soaking it up while they can, as everyone wonders how long it will last.

"Knowing Chicago, we'll probably have an April snowstorm because we have nice weather in February; we'll get some payback," student Robert Icaza said.