What is the longest period to start a new year without snow cover?

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Dear Tom,

What is the longest we have gone to start a new year without an official snow cover? Have we ever made it until the next fall?

— Joe Meyer

Dear Joe,

We have not. This winter, with no official snow cover from Jan. 1 through Feb. 17 and counting, represents the city’s longest period from Jan. 1 without at least an inch of snow on the ground. The record was set in 1973 when the city did not observe the year’s first snow cover until Feb. 8, when 1 inch finally covered the ground. For an entire snow season, 1948-49 is the city’s benchmark season for minimal snow cover, logging only eight days. This season, despite no snow cover since Christmas Day, has already logged 17 days, all of them occurring between Dec. 5-25. The city’s season with the most days of snow cover was in 1978-79 with 100 days (also consecutive) from Nov. 26-March 5.